ECO School Activities


This is our fantastic new ECO Committee for 2013-2014.



Green Flag Status                       

Following our last successful assessment in June 2012, this is the year we have to again invite the assessors into school to make sure we are still achieving Green Flag status. The ECO Committee has met regularly this session and have contributed to, and taken forward, the Action Plan. 


 Planned Activities

 Guest Speaker

In January, Cathy Martin, East Dunbartonshire’s Litter Warden, spoke to the Upper School about where our waste goes when we bin it. We looked at the different types of bins we use, including recycling bins and learned about using our waste to power a factory!

   litter litter


 Farm Trip

 Primary 6 enjoyed a trip to Duchlage Farm where they learned all about Food and our Environment, one of our Eco topics for this year


Fair Trade

               cake        logo 


Primary 7 used Fair Trade ingredients to produce a wide range of dishes. Archie made this masterpiece using Fair Trade chocolate and banana chips. Yum!


The School Garden

The ECO Committee help to look after the plants and shrubs in the garden area of the playground.

 pears  fruit


ECO Week Activities May 2015

Click here to see the ECO activities each year group will participate in.